I wrote this event purely to promote this event, with no paid promotion at all, even though I am one of the committee who organised this event.

So, in this post I am gonna write about The 2nd ICChSE 2021. In short, ICChSE is a conference, which held annually as this is the second year of this event already. Last year the event was planned to be held offline (not virtually), but due to COVID-19 pandemic which has lasted since 2019, the event then changed into a virtual one. Same as last year, the event planned to be held virtually too this year.

Why do I wanna promote this event? Well,
  1. It's an online conference. Which means you could stay tune to join this conference from anywhere, and based on your local time zone too. You could just adjust our event time to your local time zone.
  2. You could prepare a lot of things beforehand, and do not need to rush or think much about bad connection that could happened on the d-day as the oral presenter just need to submit their YouTube video as a presentation video, and poster presenter just need to submit their poster file and twitter post. Then you could browse the presentation videos on the d-day, plus browse all posters from other participants.
  3. It's cheap, basically. The lowest fee is IDR 50k or USD 5, which probably equal to one or two cup of coffee only.
  4. The published paper will be indexed by Scopus, which in my understanding is quite important for most of the researchers, especially in Chemistry and Science Education.

So What is The 2nd ICChSE?

Well, The 2nd ICChSE is a continuation from last year event, The ICChSE. This year, the event scheduled to be held on Wed - Thu, 04 - 05 August 2021, virtually, and most probably gonna use Zoom platform.

Does The Event Received Poster Submission Too?

Yep, compared to last year, this year, registrant could register themselves first, then choose how they wanted to present their research. They could choose as Oral Presenter, Poster Presenter or even not presenting at all, which is Non Presenter.

Wait When Will The Deadline to Register Myself?

The deadline to register yourself, if you choose not to present any paper, is extended already from previously 30 June, to "no limitation" at all. Which means, you could register yourself even a day before the event will be held on. But if you choose to present your research as Oral Presenter or Poster Presenter, you need to take notes of following dates:
  • 09 July 2021 (Friday) - 11:55 PM (UTC +7): Abstract Submission Deadline (this is the first extension from the committee. Previously it was set as Thursday, 01 July 2021 - 11:55 PM (UTC +7)).
  • 25 July 2021 (Sunday) - 11:55 PM (UTC +7): Conference Fee Proof of Payment Submission (first extension, previously was 12 July 2021).
  • 14 August 2021 (Saturday) - 11:55 PM (UTC +7): Full Paper Submission (second extension, previously was 07 August 2021).
  • 25 July 2021 (Sunday) - 11:55 PM (UTC +7): YouTube Link Submission (first extension, previously was 19 July 2021).
  • 30 July 2021 (Friday) - 11:55 PM (UTC +7): Publication Fee Proof of Payment Submission.
  • 03 August 2021 (Tuesday) - at 07:00 PM till 11:55 PM (UTC +7): Poster and Twitter Post Link Submission.
You can also ready more details and probably updates too later on in this link: The 2nd ICChSE 2021 - FAQ. Also the Publication Fee Deadline is still in discussion, so probably it's gonna be change too in the future.

Then How Much Fees for Each Type of Presenters?

It's ranging from IDR 50k to IDR 400k for local participant or USD 5 to USD 45 for international participant. You could check more details in these link too: The 2nd ICChSE 2021 - FAQ.

What Topics This Conference Will Cover of?

This year, the topics is divided into two general topics, and a few specific topics below, which is:
  • General Topic 01: Science
    • Biotechnology

    • Analytical Science

    • Environmental Science

    • Material Science

    • Renewable Energy

    • Electrochemistry

    • Natural Products

    • Catalyst

    • Organic Synthesis

  • General Topic 02: Science Education
    • Natural Science Education

    • STEM Education

    • Media and Technology

    • Assessment and Evaluation

    • Teaching Learning Approaches

    • Curriculum Studies

If I Submitted My Research Here, and Decided to Publish It, Will My Publication Gonna Be Indexed?

Yep, this year The 2nd ICChSE 2021 planned to published all the accepted full papers in Journal of Physics: Conference Series, which indexed by Scopus already.

Is There Any Poster or Brochure Which Includes All The Information Briefly?

There is a poster, which you can see here: The 2nd ICChSE 2021 - Poster (EN) or you can see the brochure here: The 2nd ICChSE 2021 - Brochure (EN). But make sure to recheck the website as there is probably new update there periodically.

Well, that's basically what I wanted to cover about this conference. Make sure you check out the official website here: The 2nd ICChSE 2021 - Official Website. Last, thank you for reading, and see you on the next post 😀🙇🏻‍♂️